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97 years and counting

George H. Rawlinson got the first rinse cycle started in 1917. Today, we’re a fourth-generation company proudly committed to his mission of providing great service and great textiles to clients.

The History of New System

In the early days, a fleet of Ford Model T’s helped workers deliver orders quickly and efficiently. Today, a fleet of trucks with specially designed equipment helps keep orders and inventories clean and organized.

The pressing department in the 1930s was state-of-the-art at the time, as is today’s pressing department. Another constant is the greatest employees in the laundry business.

We call ourselves a fourth-generation company. May as well call it fifth-generation because our laundry technicians are more like family.

Fire ravaged the plant in 1960. While devastating, it was also seen as an opportunity to rebuild stronger than ever.

The plant was rebuilt and outfitted with even better, more efficient equipment. It must have worked because an expansion was added to accommodate the growing business.


The washroom is where the magic happens. Today’s is one of the most advanced laundry facilities anywhere.