Facility Management: Underserviced area of your organization

At New System Laundry, we understand that your place of business says a lot about your business. Your corporate ID and branding have a direct impact on how consumers interact with you and how you interact with them. Facility management is an opportunity for your organization to build a solid base to help your team on their mission to help your customers.

Entrance mats, cotton towels and washcloths, restroom products, and mops all fall under this area of your business. Are you treating this area with the attention it deserves? Just like an HVAC system needs a filter to keep it running good and without faltering, there has to be a proper maintenance plan for your business to include your facility items.

If you can’t remember the last time you really took the time to investigate this area of your business or feel your current program may need a refresh, give New System Laundry facility team a call. In addition to regular delivery service, we can also help with emergency situations. Contact us in Portland (503.232.8181), Seattle (800.958.6920) or in Eugene (800.958.6920).

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Sustainability, in action.

The world is finite. Resources of this land are not everlasting. That is what sustainability focuses on; keeping the use of those resources at a minimum and the Earth at the forefront of our minds as we work for our clients, is the key of to our sustainability programs and initiatives.

Here are a few things we do at New System to ensure our sustainability programs has maximum impact, on the positive side of the environmental scale:

  • Our Fleet — With use of RFID and close management we maintain diesel vehicles focused on streamlined efficiency.
  • Our Green Initiatives — Our 7 advanced laundry capsules reuse heated water discharged during water cycles and wash up to 600 pounds of clothing with less water than most industrial use in half that amount.
  • Our Digital Focus — We reduce our cost and our environmental impact by using online systems for invoice management, inventory control, communication, and much more.

Sustainability isn’t just a marketing ploy or tagline for us. We are invested in saving the world and saving you money. Doing both isn’t easy but both are worth it. We have a responsibility to do more than just talk about these things. We’ve invested over a million dollars in using technology to address sustainable services, reduce our carbon footprint, and eliminate costly waste. Leverage linen and uniform rentals to build your own sustainability or “green” program; we’re here to help with locations in Portland, Seattle, and Eugene serving small, medium, and large business in the healthcare or restaurant industries since, 1917.

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Businesses can actually make money with uniforms

We know, it’s a bold statement. “Businesses can make money with uniforms,” but the question is how? How does a business, aside from a uniform manufacturer or launderer make money with uniforms?

As a business owner, you have heard the old saying, “to make money, you have to spend money.” By the same definition saving money actually means you make money. President Lincoln would be proud. Laundering programs reduce business’ cost by reducing the overhead related to managing employee work clothing, laundering said work cloths, and the plethora of other benefits uniforms provide.

Now, in other cases, businesses have also used their distinct uniforms, logos, and style as a marketing method. Think back to Target and their red shirts. Or urban styles like FUBU, with stores to tell, like being started on the streets of New York by the ABC SharkTank shark, Daymond John. Or Nike attire worn that operates as a brand advertisement. Designer and department store clothing aside, any business can profit from the clothing they incorporate.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Offer products, clothing, and “swag” for customers to purchase in your locations or online. Wearables like polos, ball caps, activewear, and sweatshirts are all popular with our clients.
  • Increase productivity by using uniforms as a function of building teams to emphasize camaraderie and build confidence.
  • Evaluate your current cost of uniform purchasing and management. If you could reduce that by half, that means you’d “make” back that cost. Uniform programs and state-of-the-art textiles can accomplish this, find out how.

These are just the very tip of a very large iceberg of ideas. If you are considering uniforms for your business or maybe changing the way your organization approaches your apparel or product needs, we have a few ways to help add value through new items or reducing costs. New System helps you leverage linen and uniform rentals. We have locations in Portland, Seattle, and Eugene serving small, medium, and large business in the healthcare or restaurant industries since, 1917.

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Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), and YOU

No matter what uniform, linen, textile or rental service you go with should be using radio-frequency ID tags. These tags are effective in tracking the usage and details of products under their management. At New System Laundry, we use RFID to keep client textiles organized and planned out for efficiency. By keeping inventory organized and on regular laundering schedules, we keep cost low, the environment safer, and your team looking amazing. Without this technology, product can get lost, over-washed or under-washed, and costing us all more. Even the environment suffers as more chemicals are used, more water wasted, and more linens have to be used over the life of an agreement–costing everyone in the end.

Combining RFID with our high-efficiency washers from NorChem, we can say we are a leader in cost-effectiveness, ROI, efficiency, along with conservation of water and energy.

In this five minute video, RFID expert Louis Sirico, explains more about the way this technology works and the ways the ID tags are used in a number of applications.

If you’re ready to put this technology to use in your business, give us a call! We’re ready to help: Portland (503.232.8181), Seattle (800.958.6920) or in Eugene (800.958.6920).

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What’s in your kitchen?

Cooks. Servers. Equipment. Food Supplies. Uniforms. These are all in your restaurant’s kitchen and all are vital to your business’ success. Each have their value and spot in your business’ strategy. Cooks have their keen senses and techniques. Servers carry your brand, your mission to the customers and meet their needs. The tools you equip them with may determine their success or failure. Chef uniforms, staff and server uniforms even staff aprons all help accomplish the mission of establishing employee hierarchy. Along with organizing your team, their uniforms help keep them safe accidents, clean from the items they prepare, ensure compliance with health standards, and provide added functionality; never underestimate the usefulness of a well-placed pocket!

In your kitchen there is more than just people, product, and equipment; your kitchen is full of growth opportunities for you and your staff. In a recent article on the Halo Effect, the authors explain that there is a deep connection between the uniforms people wear, the confidence they feel in performing their duties, and how others perceive them. How do you make use of this principle? Equip your team with the right tools! It starts with the right uniforms, linens, and kitchen products. We can help you put together the right uniform items and help cut cost with our laundering plans. A chat with our team will cost you nothing and may help you find gaps in your current uniform plans. View our current restaurant offerings or call us at 1.800.958.6920 to speak with our representatives in either Portland, Seattle, and Eugene.

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Reputation, branding, and the healthcare industry

When a retail business experiences a period of slow growth and the amount of new customers are decreasing some look into rebranding. But, what does rebranding look like for a health care center or medical practice? What are some reasons a medical facility may go through rebranding?

Branding is important; it’s more than just a name, logo or a tagline, your brand is your identity as seen through the eyes of your current and potential patients. It’s a collection of factors, including marketability, brand awareness, relevance, and culture. Another service states it as, “uniforms are an invaluable asset in promoting brand awareness, one of the core factors of the rebranding process.” At New System, we know medical facilities require completely sanitary conditions, we help provide that and much more. With branding, our goal is to help put the best ‘you’ in front of your patients and build name your staff, doctors, nurses, and teams can fully believe in.

One of the most important goals of branding and ultimately with rebranding is to turn your employees and members into brand ambassadors. For medical facilities, it isn’t just about the scrubs or gowns, it’s about the linens, the letterhead, the signage, and even the towels. Our image service can apply your new brand to a number of materials and textiles. A branding update or full rebranding can reinvigorate brand loyalty from the staff, convey confidence and quality to your patients. Contact our team to see how New System can help you and your medical brand.

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Do Uniforms Impact Employee Productivity?

Is there a connection between uniforms and an increase in employee productivity?

Uniforms. Some people love them, some people hate them, but as a business owner maybe you’re unsure if outfitting your employees with them is the right call. Or maybe you use them but have been thinking of making a change, or even getting rid of them all together because of the hassles they create.

While it could be argued that “less is more” sounds great when thinking of managing your employees’ uniforms, there are benefits that uniforms have on employee productivity that may help you look at uniforms in a new way.

Having served both the healthcare and restaurant industries for years, we know a thing or two about how uniforms help businesses, and in some situations uniforms are required. Uniforms also allow us to easily identify people who work in specific industries. How easy is it to tell a doctor from a janitor or a restaurant’s manager from the wait staff? Uniforms are one of the first ways an organization conveys their message, mission, and frankly, standards. Uniforms can also make the wearer feel like they are part of a unique group, which means he or she may feel more enthusiastic about their job, improving performance and productivity. Again, take a police officer and doctor as examples, both carry professional weight and create a sense of community.

Uniforms also remove the need for individualized clothing while on the job. While this may sound like a bad thing, like taking away a person’s individuality, consider clothing in a different light. Besides expressing personality, looking at a person’s clothing is a key way to estimate someone’s social class. Each day customers and consumers make snap judgments, in line, while driving, and in the workplace. Albeit, some may be unconscious, but these judgments can lead to tension and jealousy amongst co-workers. Casual dress codes can have been shown to lead to casual attitudes of employees about their work, decreasing productivity.

Removing the need for individualized outfits can contribute to healthier colleague relationships, eliminating social barriers, and lead to a better, more productive work environment. That is where the legacy of uniforms comes from: the need to create uniformity around a job function or profession. Need more reason to incorporate uniforms? Look at these great articles, too: Top 10 Benefits of Employee Uniforms and 6 Reasons Why You Should Introduce Uniforms in Your Company.

If you are considering uniforms for your business or maybe changing the way your organization approaches your uniform needs, it’s also very important to consider uniform fit and comfort. An itchy or ill-fitting uniform can be very distracting to an employee, and reduce productivity. The uniform rental and linen services we offer may be able to help you leverage the benefits of investing in uniforms and offer you the best uniforms for your industry.

We have locations in Portland, Seattle, and Eugene to have been serving small, medium, and large business in the healthcare or restaurant industries since 1917.

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Greener Through Technology with New System Laundry

Sustainability. That’s what it’s all about when it comes to any “green” program. Green initiatives focus on environmental friendliness, sustainability of the world we share and maximizing efficiency. Choosing a green textile rental and laundry management service, you’re choosing to preserve tomorrow (and saving money doesn’t hurt)! If more businesses use commercial laundry solutions for their linens and uniforms instead of trying to wash an equal amount themselves or use paper products, it’s not too much of a stretch to say the world would be a better place. But why?

Paper waste and conservation

Paper waste currently accounts for one third of all municipal landfill waste! Cutting down on the paper usage at your work centers will not only help manage landfills, but also saves trees. Most paper towels are made from virgin fibers; these are fibers that came brand new, wholly from trees, without any recycled or alternative fibers present. According to the Mother Nature Network, if every American household replaced one roll of traditional, virgin paper towels with paper towels made from recycled fibers, 1.4 million trees would be left standing. Replacing your paper napkins with recycled ones could save another million trees– over 2 million trees saved, and that’s just by switching your paper!

Commercial laundry water conservation

Did you know that hiring a laundry service could be more effective than attempting to wash all your business’ uniforms, fabrics, and linens in house? Your business will save time and money by having linens picked up by a commercial laundering service like New System Laundry. In addition to helping conserve energy and water, bringing your linens to a commercial launderer will cut down (if not out) major pollutants. Our laundry systems are built for heavy loads and operate more efficiently than machines designed for individual use. Commercial laundry facilities, on average, use 20-25% less water (larger laundry loads means fewer loads and overall less water), 10% less gas and 5% less electricity than if the same volume of laundry was done by individuals.

What this means for you is that you can save money while conserving resources. Renting linens means you’ll save on up-front costs for purchasing and you won’t have to replace linens as they get worn out. You won’t have to invest in one or more washers or dryers and you won’t have to spend money on harsh detergents regularly.

If paper products cannot be avoided in your workplace, consider switching your paper to those made of recycled materials. If you are ready to make the switch to linens that will be picked up, laundered and delivered to you each week, contact us! We have locations in Portland (503.232.8181), Seattle (800.958.6920), and Eugene (800.958.6920) to serve businesses like yours.

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Textiles are tactile. Invoices and billing statements don’t need to be. New System offers convenient online bill paying, inventory control, and other communications as a way to cut down on paper usage as much as possible. We believe very strongly that anyway we are able to cut down on waste is part of our environmental responsibility.

From our fleet to our top of the line washing capsules, we work hard to improve our laundry services through innovation and sustainable practices and providing easy to use eLaundry services is just one part of that. Stay tuned to learn more about our sustainability efforts!





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No phone zone! Hang up and drive.

While our customer service reps are in the field, we want to ensure our customers and neighbors that safety is our first priority on the road. We at New System Laundry have a very simple no phone policy.

What does that mean? All employees are prohibited from using a cell phone, hands on or hands off, or similar device while driving, whether the business conducted is personal or company-related while driving. This prohibition includes receiving or placing calls, text messaging, surfing the Internet, receiving or responding to email, checking for phone messages, or any other purpose.

We encourage everyone to simply keep their phones off or put away while driving. It can wait.


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