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We dress more than just employees.

Every customer touchpoint is a chance to make an impression. And because we take care of it all, it takes the burden off you. To make it even more seamless, you will work with one customer service representative who also makes the deliveries so changes can be made on the fly.

New System Services
Image Services
Facility Management
Laundry & Rental

With the ability to provide image services, facility management, and uniform laundering along with uniform rental, New System can really be your all-in-one solution for textile services. We truly do dress more than just your employees as we offer additional services to support your business in the form of mats, towels, mops, and restroom products. We also offer a wide variety of services including image services such as embroidery, facility management, uniforms and other laundry services. We strive to serve the needs of any company that requires perfectly laundered textiles, linens, uniforms, scrubs or branded floor mats, garments and specialty items. Discover the New System difference and contact the New System location nearest you in Portland, Seattle, or Eugene for your custom embroidery, facility linen & textiles, and uniform rental needs.