97 years and counting… and growing!

George H. Rawlinson got the first rinse cycle started in 1917. Today, we’re a fourth-generation company proudly committed to his mission of providing great service and great textiles to clients.

We’re constantly making improvements to our facility and our process so that we can deliver the absolute best service to our customers. And, what is more important than all of the cool and innovative technology we use at the facility is the greatest laundry team in the industry. You’re only as good as the team you have behind you and it is important to New System to have a team that is an extension of our family.

We’re based in Portland, and have more than 125 employees including our management team, service department, sales, office personnel, plant operations and distribution centers. The organizational culture at New System thrives on open doors and direct communication, we have fun but we also get the job done and get it done well. We hold each other accountable and continuously strive for growth and success. To be successful at New System, employees must embrace our core values and always remain passionate and dedicated to do the right thing, get it done, encourage and choose a positive attitude and remain customer focused. If this sounds like an environment where you can thrive check out our Careers page and drop us a line. We are currently looking to expand our team in both Seattle and Portland.

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