Better Laundry Through Technology

Chances are you have no idea just how much technology is involved in laundry. We pride ourselves on innovation in laundry and that is just one of many reasons why we use Radio Frequency ID tags (RFID tags) in our linens and other items.

Many of our clients have hundreds of textiles, which means we handle hundreds of thousands (and that’s a lot!). RFID tags are mini computer chips embedded in the majority of our linens and other items and they make us much more efficient. From streamlining inventory to tracking pieces as they move through our shop, RFID make things more efficient and cost effective for everyone.

When we receive items in they are sorted by type and then moved to our scanning line. Each piece is individually scanned into a computer by our skilled workers.

Step 1: Receiving


Step 2: RFID chip on linen

IMG_1 (1)

Step 3: Scanning machine

IMG_1 (2)

They are then washed, pressed and moved through the rest of the line and re-distributed to our clients. If we notice that a piece is past the “age” it should be we are able to pull it from the order and replace with a fresh new piece. Voila! Expertly laundered linens, every time.


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