Businesses can actually make money with uniforms

We know, it’s a bold statement. “Businesses can make money with uniforms,” but the question is how? How does a business, aside from a uniform manufacturer or launderer make money with uniforms?

As a business owner, you have heard the old saying, “to make money, you have to spend money.” By the same definition saving money actually means you make money. President Lincoln would be proud. Laundering programs reduce business’ cost by reducing the overhead related to managing employee work clothing, laundering said work cloths, and the plethora of other benefits uniforms provide.

Now, in other cases, businesses have also used their distinct uniforms, logos, and style as a marketing method. Think back to Target and their red shirts. Or urban styles like FUBU, with stores to tell, like being started on the streets of New York by the ABC SharkTank shark, Daymond John. Or Nike attire worn that operates as a brand advertisement. Designer and department store clothing aside, any business can profit from the clothing they incorporate.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Offer products, clothing, and “swag” for customers to purchase in your locations or online. Wearables like polos, ball caps, activewear, and sweatshirts are all popular with our clients.
  • Increase productivity by using uniforms as a function of building teams to emphasize camaraderie and build confidence.
  • Evaluate your current cost of uniform purchasing and management. If you could reduce that by half, that means you’d “make” back that cost. Uniform programs and state-of-the-art textiles can accomplish this, find out how.

These are just the very tip of a very large iceberg of ideas. If you are considering uniforms for your business or maybe changing the way your organization approaches your apparel or product needs, we have a few ways to help add value through new items or reducing costs. New System helps you leverage linen and uniform rentals. We have locations in Portland, Seattle, and Eugene serving small, medium, and large business in the healthcare or restaurant industries since, 1917.

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