Businesses can actually make money with uniforms

We know, it’s a bold statement. “Businesses can make money with uniforms,” but the question is how? How does a business, aside from a uniform manufacturer or launderer make money with uniforms? As a business owner, you have heard the … Continue reading

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Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), and YOU

No matter what uniform, linen, textile or rental service you go with should be using radio-frequency ID tags. These tags are effective in tracking the usage and details of products under their management. At New System Laundry, we use RFID … Continue reading

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What’s in your kitchen?

Cooks. Servers. Equipment. Food Supplies. Uniforms. These are all in your restaurant’s kitchen and all are vital to your business’ success. Each have their value and spot in your business’ strategy. Cooks have their keen senses and techniques. Servers carry … Continue reading

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Reputation, branding, and the healthcare industry

When a retail business experiences a period of slow growth and the amount of new customers are decreasing some look into rebranding. But, what does rebranding look like for a health care center or medical practice? What are some reasons … Continue reading

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Do Uniforms Impact Employee Productivity?

Is there a connection between uniforms and an increase in employee productivity? Uniforms. Some people love them, some people hate them, but as a business owner maybe you’re unsure if outfitting your employees with them is the right call. Or … Continue reading

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