Do Uniforms Impact Employee Productivity?

Is there a connection between uniforms and an increase in employee productivity?

Uniforms. Some people love them, some people hate them, but as a business owner maybe you’re unsure if outfitting your employees with them is the right call. Or maybe you use them but have been thinking of making a change, or even getting rid of them all together because of the hassles they create.

While it could be argued that “less is more” sounds great when thinking of managing your employees’ uniforms, there are benefits that uniforms have on employee productivity that may help you look at uniforms in a new way.

Having served both the healthcare and restaurant industries for years, we know a thing or two about how uniforms help businesses, and in some situations uniforms are required. Uniforms also allow us to easily identify people who work in specific industries. How easy is it to tell a doctor from a janitor or a restaurant’s manager from the wait staff? Uniforms are one of the first ways an organization conveys their message, mission, and frankly, standards. Uniforms can also make the wearer feel like they are part of a unique group, which means he or she may feel more enthusiastic about their job, improving performance and productivity. Again, take a police officer and doctor as examples, both carry professional weight and create a sense of community.

Uniforms also remove the need for individualized clothing while on the job. While this may sound like a bad thing, like taking away a person’s individuality, consider clothing in a different light. Besides expressing personality, looking at a person’s clothing is a key way to estimate someone’s social class. Each day customers and consumers make snap judgments, in line, while driving, and in the workplace. Albeit, some may be unconscious, but these judgments can lead to tension and jealousy amongst co-workers. Casual dress codes can have been shown to lead to casual attitudes of employees about their work, decreasing productivity.

Removing the need for individualized outfits can contribute to healthier colleague relationships, eliminating social barriers, and lead to a better, more productive work environment. That is where the legacy of uniforms comes from: the need to create uniformity around a job function or profession. Need more reason to incorporate uniforms? Look at these great articles, too: Top 10 Benefits of Employee Uniforms and 6 Reasons Why You Should Introduce Uniforms in Your Company.

If you are considering uniforms for your business or maybe changing the way your organization approaches your uniform needs, it’s also very important to consider uniform fit and comfort. An itchy or ill-fitting uniform can be very distracting to an employee, and reduce productivity. The uniform rental and linen services we offer may be able to help you leverage the benefits of investing in uniforms and offer you the best uniforms for your industry.

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