Facility Management: Underserviced area of your organization

At New System Laundry, we understand that your place of business says a lot about your business. Your corporate ID and branding have a direct impact on how consumers interact with you and how you interact with them. Facility management is an opportunity for your organization to build a solid base to help your team on their mission to help your customers.

Entrance mats, cotton towels and washcloths, restroom products, and mops all fall under this area of your business. Are you treating this area with the attention it deserves? Just like an HVAC system needs a filter to keep it running good and without faltering, there has to be a proper maintenance plan for your business to include your facility items.

If you can’t remember the last time you really took the time to investigate this area of your business or feel your current program may need a refresh, give New System Laundry facility team a call. In addition to regular delivery service, we can also help with emergency situations. Contact us in Portland (503.232.8181), Seattle (800.958.6920) or in Eugene (800.958.6920).

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