Greener Through Technology with New System Laundry

Sustainability. That’s what it’s all about when it comes to any “green” program. Green initiatives focus on environmental friendliness, sustainability of the world we share and maximizing efficiency. Choosing a green textile rental and laundry management service, you’re choosing to preserve tomorrow (and saving money doesn’t hurt)! If more businesses use commercial laundry solutions for their linens and uniforms instead of trying to wash an equal amount themselves or use paper products, it’s not too much of a stretch to say the world would be a better place. But why?

Paper waste and conservation

Paper waste currently accounts for one third of all municipal landfill waste! Cutting down on the paper usage at your work centers will not only help manage landfills, but also saves trees. Most paper towels are made from virgin fibers; these are fibers that came brand new, wholly from trees, without any recycled or alternative fibers present. According to the Mother Nature Network, if every American household replaced one roll of traditional, virgin paper towels with paper towels made from recycled fibers, 1.4 million trees would be left standing. Replacing your paper napkins with recycled ones could save another million trees– over 2 million trees saved, and that’s just by switching your paper!

Commercial laundry water conservation

Did you know that hiring a laundry service could be more effective than attempting to wash all your business’ uniforms, fabrics, and linens in house? Your business will save time and money by having linens picked up by a commercial laundering service like New System Laundry. In addition to helping conserve energy and water, bringing your linens to a commercial launderer will cut down (if not out) major pollutants. Our laundry systems are built for heavy loads and operate more efficiently than machines designed for individual use. Commercial laundry facilities, on average, use 20-25% less water (larger laundry loads means fewer loads and overall less water), 10% less gas and 5% less electricity than if the same volume of laundry was done by individuals.

What this means for you is that you can save money while conserving resources. Renting linens means you’ll save on up-front costs for purchasing and you won’t have to replace linens as they get worn out. You won’t have to invest in one or more washers or dryers and you won’t have to spend money on harsh detergents regularly.

If paper products cannot be avoided in your workplace, consider switching your paper to those made of recycled materials. If you are ready to make the switch to linens that will be picked up, laundered and delivered to you each week, contact us! We have locations in Portland (503.232.8181), Seattle (800.958.6920), and Eugene (800.958.6920) to serve businesses like yours.

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