Part 2: Q&A with Mark Rawlinson

Continued Q&A with New System President Mark Rawlinson.

Q: What challenges face the industry? What is next in industry innovations?

A: Some of the biggest challenges that face the textile and laundry industries are resource usage related, i.e. rising water and sewer rates as well as governmental influences in the form of environmental regulations and rate control. We carefully monitor legislation related to our industry so we can stay ahead of it as well as trends. Our industry is the leading consumer of water, so we have a lot of stake in keeping our natural resources healthy and developing new technologies that maximize efficiency as not to cause waste or extraneous pollution.

Q: What’s next for New System?

A: Much of what is driving our business and process improvements is based on the challenges that face us. We are constantly finding more ways to use water more efficiently, and plan to expand the use of RFID technology in our process. The chemicals we use each day are also being improved to not only become more effective but environmentally friendly as well.

Another near-term goal for New System is to improve the efficiency of our sales and delivery fleets through the use of GPS tracking and more fuel-efficient vehicles. Safe and efficient drivers also mean that we are able to keep insurance costs low and are able to increase our output.


Our fleet of Prii! Just one example of our effort to be more environmentally conscious.

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