Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), and YOU

No matter what uniform, linen, textile or rental service you go with should be using radio-frequency ID tags. These tags are effective in tracking the usage and details of products under their management. At New System Laundry, we use RFID to keep client textiles organized and planned out for efficiency. By keeping inventory organized and on regular laundering schedules, we keep cost low, the environment safer, and your team looking amazing. Without this technology, product can get lost, over-washed or under-washed, and costing us all more. Even the environment suffers as more chemicals are used, more water wasted, and more linens have to be used over the life of an agreement–costing everyone in the end.

Combining RFID with our high-efficiency washers from NorChem, we can say we are a leader in cost-effectiveness, ROI, efficiency, along with conservation of water and energy.

In this five minute video, RFID expert Louis Sirico, explains more about the way this technology works and the ways the ID tags are used in a number of applications.

If you’re ready to put this technology to use in your business, give us a call! We’re ready to help: Portland (503.232.8181), Seattle (800.958.6920) or in Eugene (800.958.6920).

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