Reputation, branding, and the healthcare industry

When a retail business experiences a period of slow growth and the amount of new customers are decreasing some look into rebranding. But, what does rebranding look like for a health care center or medical practice? What are some reasons a medical facility may go through rebranding?

Branding is important; it’s more than just a name, logo or a tagline, your brand is your identity as seen through the eyes of your current and potential patients. It’s a collection of factors, including marketability, brand awareness, relevance, and culture. Another service states it as, “uniforms are an invaluable asset in promoting brand awareness, one of the core factors of the rebranding process.” At New System, we know medical facilities require completely sanitary conditions, we help provide that and much more. With branding, our goal is to help put the best ‘you’ in front of your patients and build name your staff, doctors, nurses, and teams can fully believe in.

One of the most important goals of branding and ultimately with rebranding is to turn your employees and members into brand ambassadors. For medical facilities, it isn’t just about the scrubs or gowns, it’s about the linens, the letterhead, the signage, and even the towels. Our image service can apply your new brand to a number of materials and textiles. A branding update or full rebranding can reinvigorate brand loyalty from the staff, convey confidence and quality to your patients. Contact our team to see how New System can help you and your medical brand.

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