Sustainability, in action.

The world is finite. Resources of this land are not everlasting. That is what sustainability focuses on; keeping the use of those resources at a minimum and the Earth at the forefront of our minds as we work for our clients, is the key of to our sustainability programs and initiatives.

Here are a few things we do at New System to ensure our sustainability programs has maximum impact, on the positive side of the environmental scale:

  • Our Fleet — With use of RFID and close management we maintain diesel vehicles focused on streamlined efficiency.
  • Our Green Initiatives — Our 7 advanced laundry capsules reuse heated water discharged during water cycles and wash up to 600 pounds of clothing with less water than most industrial use in half that amount.
  • Our Digital Focus — We reduce our cost and our environmental impact by using online systems for invoice management, inventory control, communication, and much more.

Sustainability isn’t just a marketing ploy or tagline for us. We are invested in saving the world and saving you money. Doing both isn’t easy but both are worth it. We have a responsibility to do more than just talk about these things. We’ve invested over a million dollars in using technology to address sustainable services, reduce our carbon footprint, and eliminate costly waste. Leverage linen and uniform rentals to build your own sustainability or “green” program; we’re here to help with locations in Portland, Seattle, and Eugene serving small, medium, and large business in the healthcare or restaurant industries since, 1917.

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