Facility Management: Underserviced area of your organization

At New System Laundry, we understand that your place of business says a lot about your business. Your corporate ID and branding have a direct impact on how consumers interact with you and how you interact with them. Facility management … Continue reading

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Reputation, branding, and the healthcare industry

When a retail business experiences a period of slow growth and the amount of new customers are decreasing some look into rebranding. But, what does rebranding look like for a health care center or medical practice? What are some reasons … Continue reading

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Pre-WWII Innovations in Laundry

As far back as the 30’s the Rawlinson family has been pushing the innovation envelope. George H. Rawlinson filed a series of patents for garment pressing machines during the pre-WWII era. The nitty gritty details can be seen here, here, here … Continue reading

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