What’s in your kitchen?

Cooks. Servers. Equipment. Food Supplies. Uniforms. These are all in your restaurant’s kitchen and all are vital to your business’ success. Each have their value and spot in your business’ strategy. Cooks have their keen senses and techniques. Servers carry your brand, your mission to the customers and meet their needs. The tools you equip them with may determine their success or failure. Chef uniforms, staff and server uniforms even staff aprons all help accomplish the mission of establishing employee hierarchy. Along with organizing your team, their uniforms help keep them safe accidents, clean from the items they prepare, ensure compliance with health standards, and provide added functionality; never underestimate the usefulness of a well-placed pocket!

In your kitchen there is more than just people, product, and equipment; your kitchen is full of growth opportunities for you and your staff. In a recent article on the Halo Effect, the authors explain that there is a deep connection between the uniforms people wear, the confidence they feel in performing their duties, and how others perceive them. How do you make use of this principle? Equip your team with the right tools! It starts with the right uniforms, linens, and kitchen products. We can help you put together the right uniform items and help cut cost with our laundering plans. A chat with our team will cost you nothing and may help you find gaps in your current uniform plans. View our current restaurant offerings or call us at 1.800.958.6920 to speak with our representatives in either Portland, Seattle, and Eugene.

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